Thom Harp

Screenwriter | Director | Wonderful Human Being


Thom has written feature and TV scripts for over 10 years. Currently, his scripts DRUNK DIAL, DADDY ISSUES and BUSTED are all in active development. Each one is a comedy-slash-something else blend of genres focusing on people making really dumb decisions and getting in lots of trouble. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. They’re better than CATS.
Thom Harp is repped for both literary and directing through The Gersh Agency.
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Thom has made many award-winning shorts, including 8 MINUTES TO LOVE (starring Sandra Oh), FORTUNE HUNTERS (starring Kelvin Yu & Gedde Watanabe), PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE (starring Randall Park), EXIT SURVEY, MULVA LENDS A HAND and most recently HOW TO APPLY FOR A SEXUAL POSITION (starring Justine Bateman & Alison Becker), HEAVY FLOW and KILLER CHARM. His shorts have garnered over 500K views on

He is currently prepping his feature writing/directing debut HOME DELIVERY with Producer Nick Moceri.
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