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Thom Harp

Produced by:
Ross Kohn & Nancy Leopardi
Indy Entertainment

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Now in Post!

THE DONOR PARTY is produced by Ross Kohn and Nancy Leopardi for Indy Entertainment and Vertical Films. Filming wrapped in May 2022, and is now headed into post.

Starring Malin Akerman, Rob Corddry, Jerry O'Connell, Erinn Hayes, Ryan Hansen, Bria Henderson, Dan Adhoot, Cedric Yarbrough, Jeff Torres, Rizwan Manji, Aarti Mann, Sheila Carrasco, Brit Morgan and Jon Daly.

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  •  Malin Akerman as Jaclyn

    Malin Akerman as Jaclyn

  •  Rob Corddry as Geoff

    Rob Corddry as Geoff

  •  Erinn Hayes as Molly

    Erinn Hayes as Molly

  •  Jerry O'Connell as Tim

    Jerry O'Connell as Tim

  •  Bria Henderson as Amandine

    Bria Henderson as Amandine

  •  Ryan Hansen as Armin

    Ryan Hansen as Armin

  •  Cedric Yarbrough as Harrison

    Cedric Yarbrough as Harrison

  •  Patty Guggenheim as Sharon

    Patty Guggenheim as Sharon

  •  Dan Adhoot as MJ

    Dan Adhoot as MJ

  • Beth Dover as Joyce

  •  Jeff Torres as Mateo

    Jeff Torres as Mateo

  •  Rizwan Manji as Kahlil

    Rizwan Manji as Kahlil

  •  Aarti Mann as Meera

    Aarti Mann as Meera

  •  Brit Morgan as Taressa

    Brit Morgan as Taressa

  •  Sheila Carrasco as Gia

    Sheila Carrasco as Gia

  •  Jon Daly as Reese

    Jon Daly as Reese